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Not Your Grandpa’s Farm

The Farmstead: A project of 360grassroots

The Farmstead in Midlothian is a 31-acre mixed use destination development concept designed to bring folks together from near and far to enjoy shopping, dining, events, entertainment and the arts at more than 50 specialty shops, restaurants, businesses and community service organizations housed in reclaimed or replicated historic buildings. Nestled among abundant gardens, green spaces, walkways and areas to sit and relax, The Farmstead businesses will be centered around the historic Anderson Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast Wellness Spa, and the beautiful Bella Woods, an 11-acre wedding venue featuring re-purposed chapels, barns and gazebos.
The project is currently under development by 360grassroots, a 501(c)3 non profit organization. Contact 360grassroots today for more information, or to submit a request for more information.
The property, located on I-67 in Midlothian, Texas, has been acquired and the first phase is underway.

Our Story

The Farmstead will be a collection of businesses and programs that promote healthy living, community growth, and our proud heritage. The development will also be a shining example of recycling and preservation of our heritage by housing all of its shops, restaurants, businesses and organizations in distinctively repurposed or replicated historic farm houses, barns and buildings that have been reclaimed and rebuilt with harmony and purpose.

A welcoming destination that offers visitors shopping, dining, and learning experiences like no other.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a first-of-its-kind hybrid development where commercial businesses operate in harmony with non-profit organizations to offer visitors a unique blend of goods, services at its shops and restaurants, and a number of life enriching programs and learning experiences that promote healthy living and repurposed lifestyles. It will be a vibrant, sustainable development that provides places to gather for anything from casual meetings to formal events.

Our Community

The Farmstead will be a welcoming destination that provides local folks, regional residents and out-of-town tourists with shopping, dining and learning experiences like no other. A place that celebrates our heritage and encourages people to connect through programs and events where they share experiences in ways that are often missing from fast paced modern lifestyles. Our goal is for every visitor to experience a sense of enrichment and community each time they visit.

A place where commercial businesses operate in harmony with non-profit organizations.


The Farmstead will be a collection of shops, restaurants and programs that promote healthy living, community growth and preservation of our heritage in Midlothian. Some of the businesses that will be a part of The Farmstead include:


Specialty Shops

The Farmstead will feature a variety of quaint shops selling unique products such as; books, baked goods, flowers, candy, handmade furniture, spices, coffee and tea, candles, lotions and oils, cheese, apparel, leather goods, wood carvings and art.


The restaurants at The Farmstead will be reflective of rural character and supportive of the “farmstead” concept. BBQ and down home-cooking concepts will be prominent dining destinations, as well as healthy, organic eateries.

Bed and Breakfast

The meticulously renovated Anderson Farmstead Bed and Breakfast will serve as the proud centerpiece of The Farmstead. The Bed and Breakfast will become a destination for travelers to stay in Midlothian when they visit.

Wedding Venues

The beautiful eleven-acre Bella Woods at The Farmstead will feature a charming white wedding chapel, a picturesque gazebo, and several reception halls made from dramatically reclaimed farm buildings. This will be the place to get married.


Health and Wellness

The Midlothian area has a large population of individuals that are interested in healthy lifestyles, so this is a great opportunity to meet that demand. Yoga studios, spas, and vitamin shops will fit right in with the other businesses at The Farmstead.

Artisan Village

The Farmstead at Midlothian will have a concentrated area within the development focused on artists, their shops, galleries to display their work, and a performance space for demonstrations and classes for community enrichment.


At The Farmstead, there will be workshops offered for various classes such as: baking, pottery, gardening, painting, welding, woodworking, and poetry. Many of the classes will be offered for free, with a donation encouraged.

Community Gardens

Through out The Farmstead there will be green spaces with plots for community gardens. The aim of the gardens is to encourage the sustainable development of locally grown foods, as well as to teach planting and gardening.

The Farmstead will be a great place to gather.

A place that recalls how things were back then, but with a new sense of purpose that fits the way folks live today.


The Farmstead is located at 2151 N. US Highway 67, Midlothian, TX 76065; which is near the intersection of Interstate Highway 67 and U.S. Highway 287. With over 7 million Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex residents located nearby, The Farmstead will draw visitors from an estimated 50,000 cars that pass by daily, and will also attract tourists from an estimated average of 200,000 cars that travel daily on nearby Interstate Highways 20, 35 and 45.

Site Plan

The Farmstead is a 31-acre destination development with businesses, shops, and activities including:
  • Specialty Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Workshops and Classes
  • Gathering Places
  • Special Events
  • Entertainment
  • Artisans and Artists
  • Community Gardens
  • Green Space and Walkways
  • Historic Anderson Farmhouse
  • Bed and Breakfast Wellness Spa
  • Bella Woods: 11-Acre Wedding Venue with Chapels, Barns and a Gazebo


In 1890, when John Penn Anderson drove the first nail into what would become the Anderson Farmstead, he had no idea just how far that impact would resonate into the future. Time went by and the farm and family prospered. Generations were born and raised there and life was good. Then one day industry arrived – and while the community prospered, the farm grew quiet as the young ones left to make their way in the modern world.
That might have been the end of the story, but people in Midlothian loved the old Farmstead and believed its heritage was worth preserving. So we gathered together and came up with a plan to preserve it and make our community a better place for everyone who lives or visits here. And thus, the idea for The Farmstead was born. Click here to learn more about the history of Midlothian.

Who We Are

The Farmstead is a community partnership created & developed by 360grassroots, between the people of Midlothian and a group of industry and community leaders including:

360grassroots, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving small communities through economic revitalization and repurposed development in public/private partnerships.

Ash Grove Cement Company

Ash Grove Cement Company, who donated the land for the development as well as the Anderson Farmstead barns, buildings and houses.

Community Supporters

Community supporters include: The City of Midlothian, Midlothian Economic Development, Midlothian Community Development Corporation, as well as participating non-profit, charity, arts and service organizations.

Business Supporters

Business supporters include: The Law Firm of Carrington Coleman, Solutions Design Group, Holmes Millet: Advertising, Video, Interactive, Leasing Impressions, corporate and media sponsors; select developers, investors and industry leaders; as well as retail shops and restaurants that align with our concept and mission.

How You Can Get Involved

Everyone’s welcome on the farm. We need all hands, and there are a whole bushel of ways to get involved – from volunteering, to retail participation, to investment, to simply spreading the word. Make hay while the sun shines and join us at The Farmstead. Help us make Midlothian a Southern Star that shines all around the world.

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Want to be involved?

Are you an investor, developer, retailer, restaurateur, industry, arts organization, non-profit, or community leader who might like to be involved in the development and operation of The Farmstead in Midlothian? We invite you to learn more about the many opportunities at The Farmstead by contacting us for information or to schedule a meeting:

Bridgette Hawks
(214) 334-2973

Steve Hawks

2151 N. US Highway 67
Midlothian, TX 76065