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This is not a public website. This is a private website and its contents are intended solely as an internal working tool for the developers, managers, investors or other prospective stakeholders of The Farmstead, 360grassroots and other parties who are authorized to access it. It's sole purpose is to represent a proposed real estate community development concept. The images, illustrations, videos and texts presented here are for demonstration purposes only and are intended for the exclusive internal private use of stakeholders and prospective investors, developers, retailers, restaurateurs, industry or arts organizations, non-profits, or community groups who might want to be involved in the development or operation of The Farmstead in Midlothian. The website is not intended for public use and does not represent any promise or guarantee of any specific types or brands of businesses, restaurants, organizations or structures that will be present in the actual development. The images, videos and illustrations in this website and video are for conceptual and demonstration purposes only and are used solely as a representation of the types of businesses and structures that are envisioned for The Farmstead or that might be present in the actual development. Any images or videos that appear in this presentation that contain any trademarked brands or other proprietary properties or structures are used solely for conceptual demonstration or reference purposes and do not indicate or imply any relationship, investment, support, endorsement or sponsorship by any specific person, party, brand, company or organization. If you are an investor, developer, retailer, restaurateur, industry, arts organization, non-profit, or community leader who might like to be involved in the development and/or operation of The Farmstead in Midlothian, we invite you to learn more about the many opportunities at The Farmstead by contacting us to request password access to the website or to schedule a meeting.

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